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Buffalo Bills: Embedded open thread

Come chat with fellow Rumblers during the premiere of Buffalo Bills: Embedded

If you’re tuning in for the premiere of Buffalo Bills: Embedded, come chat with your fellow Buffalo Rumblings community members and share notes. We were promised unprecedented access to the Buffalo Bills. Teaser trailers showing everything from Sean McDermott using footage of MC Hammer’s dance moves to demonstrate footwork to Jordan Poyer playing pranks on Micah Hyde. Does Embedded deliver? Were all the good parts in the teasers? Let’s find out together!

If you’re coming in and you’re not sure what this is all about, the Buffalo Bills have created a four-part series showing the behind-the-scenes life of players and coaches via the Facebook Watch service. This on-demand platform will host three more episodes after tonight, every Thursday until September 5th. If you’re not into Facebook, but want to join in on the fun, the Bills have promised coverage through their team site, team YouTube channel, and the Buffalo Bills app.

For more information, you can see the official release here. If you love the show, a “making of” slideshow is available here. And don’t forget to follow the Bills on social media, as they’ll likely continue to promote the rest of the series.