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Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams didn’t tear ACL, per report

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Good news, at least initially.

Most Buffalo Bills fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Kyle Williams didn’t tear his ACL on Friday night, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, when he was rolled up on from behind in the middle of a scrum stopping a running back. He was walking around in a brace following the game. Whatever injury Williams did sustain, it likely won’t keep him out for the entire season.

“Pro Football Doc”, Dr. David Chao, has said on multiple occasions that on-field procedures to test for an ACL tear are highly effective, so we expect the MRI to confirm this in Buffalo today.

With Williams sidelined, the Bills will rely heavily on rookie Harrison Phillips, selected in the third round. Phillips played mostly nose tackle in college for Stanford but has shown great burst working at 3-technique in practice during his first training camp.

This could also open the door for Adolphus Washington to make the initial roster. His play had most believing he would be on the outside looking in, but if Williams misses several weeks, Buffalo will need a body.

We should get more test results this weekend to see exactly what Williams’ diagnosis and status are going to be going forward.