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Ryan Groy could be taking the lead in Buffalo Bills center battle

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Groy was the pivot for a second consecutive day with the first team offense.

The Bills haven’t only been rotating starting quarterbacks during training camp - at offensive center, we’ve been witnessing a back-and-forth battle between Ryan Groy and free agent signing Russell Bodine. Both players had been alternating stints as starters until Thursday. As the second week of camp began, Groy earned a second consecutive day with the starters, suggesting that he may be pulling ahead in the competition.

It’s a bit interesting to see Groy get a continued berth with the starters after the offense surrendered 11 sacks yesterday, including five from Kyle Williams, but that performance was a team effort. At this point, both players have turned in ups and downs, with neither taking a strong lead on the practice field. Both players are competing to take over from Eric Wood, who retired after nine seasons with the Bills this year.

It’s still early in this battle, with the Bills playing their first preseason game in a week against the Carolina Panthers. The preseason game performances will factor more heavily than practice, so if Bodine steps up to the occasion he could change the conversation in the next month.