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Josh Allen named starting Quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Bengals

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The seventh overall pick will take the field as the starter against the Bengals

The Buffalo Bills announced the starting quarterback for this week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Both Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen have been playing better than expected this preseason, amplifying a quarterback race that was widely expected to see the rookie Allen sit ahile longer. Despite Peterman’s often excellent outings, it will be Allen that suits up as the starter when the Bills host the Bengals this coming Sunday.

McDermott has indicated that there was a plan for Josh Allen, but that it was “in pencil.” If the original plan was to take some time to let Allen catch up to NFL speed, it appears that McDermott may be taking advantage of the eraser on the other end. Allen took the starter’s reps in practice today as we noted here. After rotating quarterbacks each day and holding off on naming starters for the previous two games as long as possible, the early news regarding Allen becomes even more noteworthy.