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More details emerge on bizarre Richie Incognito funeral home incident

Ominous new details surrounding the Arizona funeral home incident involving former Buffalo Bills lineman Richie Incognito

More details have emerged surrounding the arrest of former Buffalo Bills lineman Richie Incognito at an Arizona funeral home. Multiple outlets have reported and confirmed a series of erratic behaviors both in the funeral home on Monday and earlier in the day. Incognito was released on Tuesday after posting a bond of $20,000.

ESPN’s Mike Rodak wrote a thorough account of the funeral home incident from information released by Scottsdale, Arizona, Police. Their report contained numerous unsettling details. Incognito was arrested for disorderly conduct and making threats to funeral home employees. These threats included making a gun shape with his hand and telling an employee he had a “truck full of guns.” Investigating police found two handguns, three rifles ,and a handgun silencer in Incognito’s truck. Scottsdale police confiscated these weapons but noted they were legally owned. Incognito will be eligible to retrieve his firearms at “the end of the court process.”

Police report that Incognito’s behavior and thought processes were erratic upon their arrival. Incognito “appeared to lack concentration and was unable to maintain a coherent thought. Rather, he appeared to ramble about numerous things that did not correlate.” Police further noted that Incognito’s “moods were erratic as he would be very respectful toward [the] officer at one point, and [then] immediately raise his voice and demand to be let out of the handcuffs the next.”

Funeral home employees reported similarly erratic behavior before police arrival. Incognito was there to discuss details of his father’s funeral. Reportedly, Incognito’s family was not going to allow him to attend and there was a dispute about the disposition of his father’s remains. Employees stated that Incognito was “talking about a lot of random things that did not make sense,” and that he “walked around the funeral home, punching caskets and throwing things.” Incognito was alleged to have asked employees to cut off his father’s head for “research purposes.”

TMZ has released a recording of the 911 recording in which the operator is heard saying Incognito was “mad at employees and wants to kill someone.”

The Buffalo News has reported that Incognito’s erratic behavior began earlier in the day at an Arizona “pizza joint.” Video and testimony of the restaurant incident was given to CBS5 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Incognito was told to leave the establishment after a series of “very intimidating” behaviors. The owner told CBS5 that “He came back to the kitchen, slammed the door open and got in my face.” Incognito allegedly threatened customers and the owner before leaving the establishment.