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Jerry Hughes shown mentoring young defensive ends on “Buffalo Bills: Embedded”

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Hughes takes Eddie Yarbrough under his wing in the latest episode of “Embedded”

On this week’s edition of “Buffalo Bills: Embedded,” titled “The Standard,” the focus was entirely on the defensive unit. Head coach Sean McDermott, who was the star of the first episode, took more of a back seat, as the format for this edition was more of a discussion led by each of the defensive position coaches.

Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier was shown talking to his charges in a large-scale defensive meeting, and in a staff personnel meeting the coaches chose to highlight a few players from each positional group. Linebacker Tremaine Edmunds was discussed as having the potential to make “big plays” by Bob Babich, Buffalo’s linebackers coach. Babich also noted that the team needs to see that potential become reality a bit more often.

Bobby Babich, safeties coach and son of Bob, talked glowingly about Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer, noting that the former has the ability to notice when he has made a mistake and correct said mistake before even being approached about it by a coach. A fun moment towards the end of the episode involving all of the defensive backs highlighted the camaraderie between the group, even newcomer Vontae Davis, whom Tre’Davious White mocked for being “old.”

My favorite moment, however, was the positive veteran leadership highlighted among the defensive linemen. While watching Kyle Williams play mentor is nothing new or surprising, it was still nice to watch him remind Adolphus Washington to work harder (and to hear him tell his teammate that a particular set of drills looked...less-than-stellar), and it was a treat to see Jerry Hughes mentoring Eddie Yarbrough.

Defensive line coach Bill Teerlinck spoke well of Yarbrough, saying that “nobody works harder” than he does. Then, a cut scene to the practice field showed Yarbrough talking with Hughes about moves and technique. With Hughes playing the part of offensive lineman, the veteran schooled the youngster on angles, reads, moves, and everything in between. Yarbrough, for his part, ate it up, and it appears the he actively seeks advice from Hughes on a regular basis.

Watch “Buffalo Bills: Embedded” via the team’s Facebook page, or at or on the team’s YouTube channel when the episodes are uploaded Thursday at 8pm.