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Buffalo Bills release defensive tackle Tenny Palepoi

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Palepoi failed to attend the last two practices in Buffalo.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have released defensive tackle Tenny Palepoi, just days after he signed with the team for the second time this offseason. Despite being signed by the Bills, Palepoi failed to show up at practice this week, with no reported injuries or explanation for his absence.

The Bills originally signed Palepoi, a three-year reserve with the Los Angeles Chargers, back in March to provide depth along the defensive line. On July 25, the Bills decided to release Palepoi from the roster, just before the start of training camp at St. John Fisher. After a number of injuries, the team decided to re-sign Palepoi this past weekend, adding depth to the defensive line prior to week three of the preseason.

Following Palepoi’s release, the Bills now have two open spots on the active roster. The other spot came open on Wednesday following the sudden retirement of linebacker Keenan Robinson. Check back with Buffalo Rumblings for the latest updates as the Bills look to fill the two open roster spots.