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Video Preview: Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals preseason game

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Let’s see what the rookie can do

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills will take the field for the third time this preseason with their third different starting quarterback. Josh Allen will be the one leading the starters out on to the field when the Bills face off against the Cincinnati Bengals at New Era Field. Allen’s success is obviously a big reason to watch for on Sunday. The offensive line and defense give us plenty more to watch for as well.

Josh Allen is trash the Bills’ starting quarterback

The seventh overall pick has steadily moved up the depth chart this offseason, and Sunday will be his first chance to show what he has as a starter. Nathan Peterman has performed the best of three quarterbacks thus far, but a strong performance by Allen could catapult him into the starting position for week one of the regular season. Or, this could all just be part of the process that Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane originally designed for their quarterback competition. Either way, Bills fans’ eyes should be tuned to the game Sunday when Allen takes the field.

Offensive line woes

We knew the offensive line would take a step back after losing two former Pro Bowlers, but the line as performed even worse than expected thus far. Even Dion Dawkins, who was supposed to be the stalwart this season, looked bad against the Cleveland Browns. See Skarekrow’s video analysis for a full breakdown of the performance. No matter who is at quarterback, the offensive line will need to improve if Brian Daboll wants to score any points this season.

Defense needs to rebound

The Bills defense had a solid first outing, but any momentum from that was stopped dead in its tracks against the Browns. Tyrod Taylor and the Browns’ starting offense’s methodical touchdown drive kicked off a poor showing from the starting defense. Dan Lavoie broke the film down extensively, but the short of it is the Bills’ defenders were caught off guard by Todd Haley’s motion and counter offense. A game plan will help prepare for this in the regular season, but we all would still like to see fewer mistakes from the defenders against the Bengals.