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Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen cleared to return to field against Cincinnati Bengals

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Allen took several hard hits during his start.

Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen was under siege against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. In the final minute of the half, Allen was taken to the ground as he escaped a sack, and hit his head against the turf. With Allen’s day essentially already over, he was taken out one play later and is being evaluated for a possible concussion.

Allen spent most of Sunday afternoon under duress, being sacked five times in his two quarters of play. He narrowly escaped several more potential sacks by throwing away the ball or running out of the pocket. The Bengals had their way with Buffalo’s offensive line, and Allen wasn’t able to find an open receiver within the rhythm of the plays.

If Allen is diagnosed with a concussion, he could be out anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the injury. Nathan Peterman would be the next man up, and AJ McCarron might be needed soon as he recovers from his shoulder injury.


As the Bills jogged out on the field for the second half, Allen returned. The team announced he was cleared from concussion protocol.

Here’s the video: