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Buffalo Bills to auction off surplus items

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Looking for a unique addition to your Buffalo Bills collection? Then boy, oh boy is this article for you!

Have you ever asked yourself; “How can I get my hands on one of those padded doughnut things they use on the goal posts so no one gets hurt running into them?” You have? That’s weird.

Anyway, today’s your lucky day! Or rather, September 10th through the 20th are your lucky days. The Buffalo Bills are partnering with Cash Realty and Auctions to sell off some stuff they don’t need anymore. Goalpost doughnuts included! Not satisfied with just the doughnut, well come on in and place a bid on the full pad set.

There’s no shortage of quirky items on the list. To go with the doughnuts and post pads, a statue of a referee signaling a touchdown might suit your fancy. Maybe you’d like a ten-foot tall horse statue. They gotcha covered!

It’s not all bizarre though, and there’s sure to be some heavy bidding on some very cool items. A lot of the Paul Maguire Club decorations will be up for sale, including quite a few signed posters. Signs for various snacks such as pizza would be a nice addition for the right fan’s setup. Signed plexiglass and metal pictures with quotes from various Bills’ legends would make for a great addition for any collection.

The star of the show for this auction might be a custom chopper used by none other than Billy Buffalo! The bike is listed as being in working condition and comes with the original owners manual from Reaper Choppers.

Other items include seats, stools, tables, gold turf cutouts from the NFL’s 50th season celebration and more. You can preview the items now by clicking here.