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AJ McCarron starts for Buffalo Bills in final preseason game

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Sean McDermott isn’t tipping his hand on the starting quarterback.

The Buffalo Bills started AJ McCarron under center in their fourth preseason game, holding Josh Allen and Nate Peterman to the bench. After the third preseason game, a clear-cut favorite for starting quarterback hadn’t yet emerged, and some were speculating that the choice of who to sit would help illustrate that decision.

Despite not bothering to bring in another quarterback to play in the final game of the presaeson, the Bills didn’t dress either Allen or Peterman, preserving the mystery of the quarterback competition. At this point, it’s likely a two-way competition for the job, one that’s already decided in the coach’s mind. McCarron will likely play the entirety of this game, hoping to audition for a primary backup role or a trade to a team that needs his services.