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Rally with other fans to Buffalo Bills games with new ride share tool

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A cool new way to travel to Bills games with a group of fans

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

Pegula Sports Entertainment has partnered with a bus ride share called Rally that is based out of New York City. Rally can be used via their app or website and gives Buffalo Bills fans a new way to travel with other fans to their favorite team’s games.

Rally matches you with nearby riders and drivers. Fans can pick which game they want to attend and pick their location for pickup, which is normally a Bills Backers bar. The buses to get to the games are decked out.

“Once riders hop on the high-end Rally bus, they’ll be able to enjoy all the amenities onboard: wifi, video screens, a restroom, comfortable bucket seats, and storage,” says the press release. “Rally buses typically arrive three hours before kickoff so there’s plenty of time to tailgate in the bus lot, but riders can also request personalized schedules.”

Starting on August 9th, the first preseason game, Rally will be in full operation as the official shuttle of the Bills. The tailgating atmosphere will feel right at home with Bills fans as they travel to watch their beloved Bills in action.

Numaan Akram, the founder and CEO of Rally says that the Bills Backers were one of the first fan clubs that liked the idea and they used that partnership as a platform to grow for the rest of the NFL.

You can find more information about availability and pricing on the Rally website.