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Buffalo Bills live training camp updates, Day 10: Monday, August 6

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A new receiver in the mix and prep for their first preseason game.

The Buffalo Bills take the field once again today at St. John Fisher College. They have a new receiver in the mix, but it’s unclear what, if anything, Corey Coleman will do today. Today is another rest day for the main field, so the only way to catch today’s practice is as a member of the media or using our embedded Twitter feed below.

We are just a few days away from the first preseason game of the year against the Carolina Panthers, so some basic gameplan install could be taking place.

Things we are watching for today

  • Sean McDermott said the consecutive days for AJ McCarron last week was to get each potential starter red zone work. McCarron was with the first-team on Sunday. Is he there again today?
  • Is Coleman in a Bills uniform? The trade came down late last night. [Update: He is en route from Cleveland and won’t arrive until after practice.]
  • Is Zay Jones still in a non-contact jersey after returning to practice on Sunday?