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All-22(ish) Analysis: Buffalo Bills practices

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A look at a few camp plays, courtesy of billsnation81 and the miracle of Twitter.

Not everyone can make it to Buffalo Bills training camp which is kind of a bummer. For many of us that did, we’d love to bottle the magic and bring it right to you. Since that’s not really feasible, here are some GIFs I made instead. I’d recommend reading this article written by Lawrence Foster on the camp experience first, as there’s some mistakes below that I’ll try not to overreact to. Enjoy!

Play 1

The one-on-ones in camp are a lot of fun to watch as players focus more on technique than play call. Cam Phillips has a nice shimmy at the top of the route. Lafayette Pitts bites and it slows him down just enough to turn this from a catch, into a catch and run. If it were live, arguably Pitts would make the tackle but the shimmy gives it a little doubt.

Play 2

Here’s where we take a step back from the ledge. The intent isn’t to show that AJ McCarron is the worst of the bunch (this is the only incompletion here). This is merely luck of the draw on which plays were recorded. McCarron makes a good read. The pass is out a touch late and overthrown, but that’s why they practice isn’t it?

Play 3

It’s not perfect ball placement to Kelvin Benjamin, but Nathan Peterman lofts the pass over Vontae Davis and uses Benjamin’s catch radius to his advantage. Davis mistimes his attempt to break it up. Make no mistake though, Benjamin has a great shot at this pass no matter how well Davis plays this.

Play 4

It’s nearly unfair that Tremaine Edmunds can stop and cut back like this at his size. He very nearly overruns the lane but comes in and clogs it up with his mere presence. He blows Patrick DiMarco up and definitively shuts any door Chris Ivory might have had. It’s also a little bit amusing to see DiMarco as a lead blocker for Ivory as they’re quite similarly sized.

Play 5

Here’s one just to enjoy. Travaris Cadet finds his lane, makes a little wiggle and gets more yards. Zach Olstad initially misses his block, but corrects very nicely and wins his match-up against Breon Borders.

Play 6

The Keith Ford run isn’t anything to dissect. The defense closes the gaps and earns a win on the play. If there’s a takeaway from this, it’s that Josh Allen is commanding the offense pre-snap. From the two practices I attended, this was a common sight.

Play 7

Watching in person, Josh Allen is sneaky fast for his size. In practice the play is blown dead using “one hand touch” rules for the guys in red jerseys. As a result, Allen is “tackled” after a short gain. In live action, there’s a decent chance he turns it up field.

Play 8

The ball placement from Josh Allen isn’t perfect, but the timing and touch on this short pass allow Jason Croom to maintain most of his speed. It’s undeniably a positive play for the pair of rookies.

Play 9

No, I’m not recording while also sitting across the field. This play is courtesy of Bills Schwab aka “billsnation81” on Twitter, who has been providing some great coverage throughout camp. Schwab highlighted this to show off Allen scanning the field. Pauses and scribbles come courtesy of yours truly, but no further analysis is needed.