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Bills vs. Panthers: Josh Allen is playing his first NFL game

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The Bills’ rookie QB is in the game.

It’s the preseason, but the Buffalo Bills traded several players and draft picks to be in position to take Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft. He’s playing in his first NFL game tonight, albeit preseason. We know you’re going to talk about it, maybe even salivate over it.

Here’s your chance in the comments.

What do you like about Allen’s opening game? What do you dislike? When he drops a 50-yard bomb, feel free to swoon in the comments below. It’s why we’re here. Give us all of your Josh Allen takes right now.

Just remember that he’s working with the third-team offense which means he’s facing a third-team defense. Most of these guys he’s playing against won’t make the roster. That’s okay.

Keep it clean, don’t attack other commenters, but definitely make your opinion on Allen known. This is your last open chat of the night, so let it breathe and keep coming back to check in.