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Buffalo Bills offensive yardage against Baltimore Ravens among lowest in franchise history

The Bills should be thoroughly embarrassed after their anemic offensive showing vs. Baltimore

After compiling proficient preseason statistics, quarterback Nathan Peterman won the Buffalo Bills quarterback competition, edging out rookie Josh Allen and leading general manager Brandon Beane to trade AJ McCarron to the Oakland Raiders for a fifth-round draft pick.

On Sunday, Peterman showed just how inconsequential preseason statistics are, “leading” the Bills offense to one of the all-time worst showings in franchise history.

The Buffalo Bills (0-1) bumbled their way through a horrific season-opening effort in Baltimore (1-0), being held without a first-half first down for the first time since at least 2001.

Peterman and a porous offensive line deserve much of the blame for this atrocious effort. Peterman regressed big-time, completing only five of 18 passes for 24 yards, two interceptions, and an abysmal quarterback rating of 0.0.

Buffalo’s offensive line failed in every aspect of the game: no holes for the running backs to exploit, and no time for Peterman to find a receiver downfield. Baltimore sacked Peterman three times, and brought down Josh Allen three more times in the third quarter, for a total of six sacks.

Then there were the penalties. So many penalties. Three offensive holding calls plus a false start jeopardized the Bills chances before the offense could even get going. Baltimore rolled up 233 net yards of offense in the opening half, compared to a paltry 33 net yards of offense by Buffalo.

All told, the Bills mustered only 107 total yards of offense (with Allen directing 46 of those yards on the final drive)—the fourth-fewest all-time, and the least-productive offensive showing since the team managed 76 yards of offense against the Miami Dolphins in 1973.

Offensively, it has to get better in Week 2 when the Los Angeles Chargers come to New Era Field at 1 p.m. Sunday for the home opener, right?