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Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens: one stat recap

The first half of no first downs.

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

There’s plenty of individual statistics that could be used to describe the laughable performance the Buffalo Bills put out against the Baltimore Ravens in Sunday’s 47 - 3 loss. The most illustrative of those statistics is the number of first downs the Bills recorded in the first half.


The Bills offense did not manage to record a single first down in the whole first half of the game. According to Mike Rodak of ESPN, Sunday was the first time since at least 2001 that the Bills managed that. The broadcast of the game mentioned that it was first time in Baltimore Ravens franchise history that they held their opponent to zero first downs in a first half. Not even the legendary 2000 Ravens defense was able to hold an opponent to no first downs in a first half. One of the greatest defenses in NFL history was not lucky enough to come across an offense as inept as the Bills were on Sunday.