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NFL power rankings Week 2 put Buffalo Bills in cellar

Every outlet has the Bills ranked in the same spot. I’ll let you figure out which one.

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Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

After a brutal beatdown in Baltimore, the Buffalo Bills find themselves at the bottom of every power ranking from the national media, and deservedly so. The Bills were already towards the bottom of everyone’s list in the first place, so it’s no surprise that they've hit rock-bottom.

In USA Today’s power rankings, the Bills stayed in the same spot—last. In their ranking, they said they aren't allowed to put Alabama or Clemson above the Bills, or else they would. The Ravens moved up from 17th to 15th in their rankings, as well.

The group of writers at Sports Illustrated’s MMQB kept the Bills as the last-ranked team in the NFL. For their point system that ranks the teams, the Bills only had nine, while the next closest team had 19. The Ravens moved from 22nd in their rankings last week to 16th this week.

Last week, had the Bills at 31 in their power rankings, and they bumped the Colts out of the last spot for this week. In their rankings, the Ravens jumped from 16th last week to 9th this week. The punches thrown at the Bills continue.

“It could’ve been worse. EJ Manuel could have backed up Nate Peterman on Sunday. Took some grief from Bills fans for placing them 31st last week. Turns out I did rank them wrong. Now what? Does Sean McDermott go to Josh Allen? Is that even fair to the rookie first-round pick, given the state of the offensive line? By the way, Buffalo’s scrimmage-yards leader was Marcus Murphy. It’s OK if you’ve never heard of him. Oy vey.”

CBS Sports was one of the outlets to rank the Bills last the week prior to this one, and they'll remain in that spot. They blame the team’s struggles on Josh Allen not starting. The Ravens moved up three spots from 15th to 12th.

The Ravens jumped nine spots at SB Nation, going from 17 to 8. The Bills stayed in last place with Rebecca Toback saying, “Buffalo decisively looks like the NFL’s worst team.”

Bleacher Report had the Bills ranked higher than any other website last week... at 30th. The blowout caused them to lose that spot and the Bills dropped into the cozy 32nd spot. For the Ravens, they made their biggest jump in Bleacher Report’s rankings. They go from 18th to 7th, an 11-spot difference.