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Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis quits, retires during game

As the Buffalo Bills hosted the Los Angeles Chargers, Vontae Davis elected to “retire.”

As fans of the Buffalo Bills watched their team host the Los Angeles Chargers, cornerback depth became an increasing concern. Phillip Gaines left the game in the first half with an injury. After halftime, Vontae Davis - who was in the lineup after last week’s injury to Taron Johnson - was mysteriously absent.

It’s being reported that Vontae Davis quit the team and is retiring. Head coach Sean McDermott said that Davis took himself out of the game but was not injured. Starting linebacker Lorenzo Alexander informed media that he was told at the start of the half that Davis quit and retired during the break. Alexander characterized the move as “completely disrespectful.” Alexander also stated “I don’t have anything to say about Vontae, I’m going to give him a little bit more respect than he showed us today as far as quitting on us in the middle of the game.”

Vontae Davis was signed by the Buffalo Bills to replace the departing E.J. Gaines. Davis did not appear to impress during preseason and was a healthy scratch last week when the Bills played against the Baltimore Ravens. We’ll update this story as more information comes to light.

Update: Here are more reactions from Buffalo’s locker room about the news of Davis absconding for greener pastures:

Update 2: Davis released a statement explaining why he chose to retire today.