The Vikings are 16.5 Point Favorites


The Vikings beat the 49ers 24-16 at home and had a tie with the Packers on the road. Certainly not a bad start to the season, but the '85 Bears they are not.

So, what accounts for the spread being this high? That the Buffalo Bills are a truly horrible football team. I know it, now Vegas knows it!

I believe we will win a game or two. Schedule lightens up at the end of the year. We have two chances against the Jets, and games against the Lions and Bears at home. Guessing 2-14, maybe 3-13 and if we get lucky somewhere else.

I know this year is all about Josh Allen and his development, but what if he is a bust? This team is in a horrible position right now and years away from being competitive without a franchise QB at the helm. I think we are going to be Browns level bad for the next 5-6 years. Get used to 2-14 seasons for awhile and get used to being 16.5 point underdogs to above average teams.

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