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Sean McDermott expresses support for LeSean McCoy amid child abuse accusations

“Nothing has changed” regarding Shady’s status, according to the head coach.

Los Angeles Chargers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

With fresh allegations of abuse coming to light against Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, head coach Sean McDermott had to know he would need to provide comment on his star running back’s legal situation yet again. In McDermott’s eyes, there is nothing new to say about the situation.

When asked about allegations that McCoy physically abused his son, McDermott was steadfast in that there is no need to discipline McCoy.

“With what we know...LeSean has been very forthcoming,” McDermott said during his Wednesday press conference. “Nothing has changed in terms of our position on the situation. We’ve gotten the information that we need at this point...we are just going to take things one day at a time.”

McDermott said that McCoy came to speak with him yesterday before the news broke that Stephanie Maisonet, McCoy’s former girlfriend and mother to his child, had released videos and pictures via Instagram purportedly showing the effects of McCoy’s abuse. The boy is seen screaming in one video, trying to tell his mother that he doesn’t want to see McCoy. In another photo, there are bruises on the boy’s chin that Maisonet claims came from McCoy hitting him in the face.

When asked whether McCoy’s personal troubles were becoming a distraction in the locker room, McDermott said that he did not believe that’s the case. McDermott went on to say that he is pleased with the way McCoy has handled the situation going back through training camp, and that part of leading a football team involves managing distractions.

McDermott also responded to questions about the potential for more damning details to emerge, but he said that he “doesn’t have a crystal ball,” so he wouldn’t speculate on what he does not know for certain.

The head coach is firmly in his running back’s corner for now. As this is a fluid story, we will have to continuously update as more information comes out, but for now, it appears that any discipline that McCoy will face is unlikely to come from the organization. There has been no comment from the NFL about the latest series of allegations.