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Buffalo Bills 27, Minnesota Vikings 0: Second half open thread

It’s opposite day in Minneapolis!

Well, this Buffalo Bills - Minnesota Vikings game has played out exactly like everyone expected. Two sack-fumbles led to short fields for the Bills, and Josh Allen looked like a seasoned pro leading his team to a 27-0 margin at halftime. The Bills are in the midst of a massive upset, folks.

The Vikings looked unprepared from the get-go, with two penalties extending Buffalo’s opening drive, leading to a touchdown. Buffalo’s defense completely shut down the Vikings, who had two drives end with fumbles, and saw each of their other drives end with punts (or the end of the half). The Vikings finished the first half with only 56 yards of offense, half of that on a meaningless end-of-half drive.

On offense, Allen has been supremely comfortable working against Minnesota’s defense. He’s made accurate throws, identified gaps in the Vikings coverage, avoided pass rushers, and even been a threat on the ground. Allen has two rushing touchdowns on the day, and hurdled Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr on the way to a first down. He was 12-of-19 passing for 172 yards and a touchdown, and would’ve had better stats but for two drops by Kelvin Benjamin and one by Robert Foster.

The Bills are in control, and as long as they avoid a total collapse, this game is in hand. It’s time for the second half.

How does it feel, Bills fans? Sound off in the comments below.