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Buffalo Bills fan confidence soars, Minnesota Vikings fan confidence plummets

Josh Allen, Jerry Hughes, and the Bills changed a lot of minds Sunday.

Buffalo Bills fans think things are looking up. Those are the results of the latest fan confidence poll conducted by SB Nation. The results, while timid after rookie quarterback Josh Allen’s first start, show fans believing in not only the resurrected defense but also in the offense.

While Bills fans weren’t down in the dumps last week, they’ve come up 43% since their low before Week 2 when it was unclear if Nathan Peterman would start again or if the team would turn to Allen. From Week 3 to Week 4, Bills fans gained 30% points to get to 73% of fans feeling confident in the direction of the team.

In Minnesota, it was a completely different story. Following a 1-0-1 start to their season, Vikings fans now think the sky is falling. A 57% drop in fan confidence, the largest of the week among NFL fan bases, moved Minnesota from 92% expressing confidence to just 35% of respondents saying they were confident.


I wonder what could have happened to Minnesota...