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Where the Buffalo Bills are ranked by the national media going into Week one

These outlets were... not kind to the Bills.

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Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Over the offseason, the Buffalo Bills went through some serious roster moves to build their success for the future, trading Tyrod Taylor and hopefully drafting their franchise quarterback in Josh Allen. For Allen, not seeing the field right away could be a good thing but for now the car is driven by Nathan Peterman. The national media isn't fond of Peterman and the rest of the Bills roster and rank them dead last in three of the five outlets we’ll cover.

In the rankings of USA Today, the Bills are all the way down to 32nd because of the combination of quarterback and a bad roster.

“Parking Josh Allen was right move. With so many holes, Buffalo could have seriously compromised top pick’s development. Good luck, Nate P.”

Sports Illustrated has a weekly poll of their writers where they vote on the rankings. This week 10 of their writers voted and the Bills were voted into last place. None of them had Buffalo higher than 30th”

Highest-place vote: 30th (2)
Lowest-place vote: 32nd (5) was a little nicer to the Bills, ranking them one spot ahead at 31st. Their ranking of the Bills is based on the offense, saying that the offensive line is less than capable of protecting the quarterback and their receiving corps being one of the leagues worst.

In the CBS power rankings, the Bills were also ranked in the last spot due to a roster that is thin in a lot of areas and questions at the quarterback position.

“The talent is thin on this roster and they have quarterback questions. That’s a bad combination.”

Bleacher Report has the Bills higher than any of the others at 30th. Like many others, Bleacher Report has them towards the bottom due to the question mark at quarterback and lack of talent on the offensive line.