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Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens: Madden simulation, Week 1 Prediction

Who does Madden give the edge to in the game this weekend.

After months and months of waiting, it is almost here. Week 1 of the NFL season where fans everyone will be celebrating. Some fans cannot wait until the weekend to watch the Buffalo Bills take on the Baltimore Ravens so we are here to offer some help. We ran a simulation of the game using EA Sports NFL Madden 19 to see if there is any indication of what is in store come Monday.

Corey Giacovelli

Buffalo 17, Baltimore 27

Much like the experts are predicting so far it was all Ravens in this match up as they never trailed against the Bills and the difference would have been a lot bigger if not for a last-second touchdown by Buffalo. Nathan Peterman actually played well passing for over 300 yards and a touchdown but running back LeSean McCoy only rushed for 53 yards. A big difference in this game was the abilities of the teams to stay on the field. The Bills struggled only converting on one third down attempt for the whole game! Meanwhile Baltimore converted on over half of theirs, staying on the field and ending long drives with points. Kelvin Benjamin was the leading receiver of the Bills scoring a touchdown to go with 83 yards. Zay Jones scored the other touchdown for the team.

Hopefully the Bills can prove that video games are fantasy and not reality, coming away with a win in Baltimore on Sunday.