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How much cap space and money could the Buffalo Bills save by cutting LeSean McCoy?

How much do the Bills want to pay an aging running back coming off a sub-par year?

The Buffalo Bills have almost $85 million in salary cap space heading into the 2019 off-season. While they have a ton of money, they may also be looking to move on from an overpriced contract or two prior to the start of the 2019 season. Our first look turns to running back LeSean McCoy, whose high-high cap number and low-low cap production in 2018 coupled with his high-high age make him a candidate to go bye-bye.

If Buffalo releases McCoy, they save $6.425 million on the salary cap and that much in actual dollars. For that price, they could sign two or three free-agent running backs (not named Le’Veon Bell) to get the same production they got from McCoy in 2018.

It’s the final year of the contract, so Buffalo either has to play out the remainder of his deal or release/trade him. If I’m Buffalo, there isn’t a way I’m giving him a contract extension to kick the salary cap down the road. It’s one and done for Shady or none and done.

LeSean McCoy

2019 cap hit: $9.05 million
Workout bonus portion: $250,000
Salary due: $6.175 million
Dead money: $2.625 million
Cap savings: $6.425 million

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