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Former Buffalo Bills QB Nathan Peterman skewered by NFL defenders in survey

Not cool, bro.

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“To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.”

The old cliche is oft-recited through the football world, but don’t tell NFL defensive players. In a survey conducted by The Athletic during the season, 18% of 72 respondents said future Hall of Famer Tom Brady is the quarterback they would most like to face in a big game. Brady topped the list of responses.

Second on the list was former Buffalo Bills and current Oakland Raiders quarterback Nathan Peterman with 15%.

Peterman was also the runner-up when The Athletic asked “If you could replace one NFL quarterback with Colin Kaepernick, whom would you pick?” He received 18% to Blake Bortles’s 20%.

Peterman, of course, didn’t finish the season on a roster. He was cut by Buffalo in mid-November. According to the article, “many of the responses are from November”. Most of the rest of the polling took place before November, as indicated in the article.

It should also be noted that Peterman also received votes when folks were asked, “Which quarterback would you least want as your teammate in the locker room?”

Ouchtown, population: you, bro.