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Derek Anderson’s one-year extension for vet minimum, completing cheap quarterback room


When Derek Anderson signed his one-year contract extension with the Buffalo Bills recently, we assumed it was for the veteran minimum. That figure was confirmed by Mike Rodak of ESPN on Wednesday. Anderson played with a contract for the veteran minimum in 2018, as well.

Under the veteran minimum salary cap benefit, Anderson will be paid $1.03 million plus a $90,000 signing bonus but only count $735,000 against the cap in 2019. It’s a salary cap adjustment designed to keep older players in the league longer by making their cap hit comparable to that of a younger player.

With Josh Allen’s rookie deal costing $4,814,326 in 2019 salary cap money and Matt Barkley’s contract totaling just $1,737,500, the addition of Anderson’s $735,000 is still a bargain-basement price to pay for three NFL quarterbacks.

The total salary-cap cost of just under $7.3 million is not the lowest in the league for 2019. The New York Jets and Houston Texans are behind Buffalo, but only have one player under contract past 2018, so New York will definitely pass the Bills. Houston might. The Dallas Cowboys have four quarterbacks under contract for a staggering $2.66 million for 2019.

In all, 27 quarterbacks will count against their team’s cap more than the entire Bills quarterback roster, from Drew Brees’s $33.5 million hit to Baker Mayfield at $7.4 million. (The Philadelphia Eagles have two quarterbacks on that list.)