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Buffalo Bills 2018 staff record predictions recap

Three of our writers were right about their record at the start of the season!

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

At the start of the season, eight of our writers compiled their thoughts into one article and predicted what the 2018 had in store for the Buffalo Bills. Three of the writers can see the future and correctly predicted the Bills final record for the season at 6-10.

John Boccacino and Anthony Marino were the two optimists of the group and had the Bills repeating their 2017 season at 9-7.

Jeff Kantrowski had the Bills at .500 and his notion that the defense would keep them close in some games wasn't too far off from what happened over the course of the season.

Dan Lavoie was only one game off for the season and had the Bills at 7-9 due to his confidence in Sean McDermott to not completely blow this season up.

Danyel Geist, Sean Murphy and Matt Warren are the winners of the group for writing in the Bills at 6-10.

Lastly, I was the buzzkill of the group and had the Bills at 5-11, the worst of all the predictions. We all knew the offensive line wasn't going to be good this year and it showed in quite a few instances, and the Nathan Peterman train lasted long enough for me to have forgotten it before I sat down to write this.

All-in-all, none of us went out and made unjustified hot takes and put the Bills as the worst or best team in the NFL. As for next season, this off-season will have a monumental impact on what our record predictions will look like at the start of the 2019 NFL season.