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All-22: Kyle Williams’s last ride

We take a look at the film from Kyle Williams’s final game

We’re going to deviate a little bit from our ordinary All-22 game review this week. In lieu of the traditional look at a player or group’s performance, we pay tribute to one of the all-time greatest Buffalo Bills by highlighting his work through the lens of his final performance. We’ll miss you Kyle.

Play 1

Believe it or not, Kyle Williams’s first snap in the game was on offense. The Bills received the opening kickoff and brought it all the way to the one. When Kyle Williams lined up as fullback, many expected another attempt to let the big man score a touchdown. Instead, he helped close out one side of the line for Josh Allen to get in for the score.

Play 2

This is Kyle’s first play on defense and already the Miami Dolphins are accounting for him. This looked like a surefire holding penalty live. Slowed down it...still looks like a holding penalty.

Play 3

The defensive line is shrinking the pocket rapidly. With Kyle Williams in his face, Ryan Tannehill puts this ball a little off target and right to Tremaine Edmunds.

Play 4

A quick chip and an attempted block aren’t enough to keep Kyle Williams from making this tackle for a three-yard loss. The hand technique while being knocked around is particularly noteworthy.

Play 5

As a result of a couple Bills biting to their left (our right), Kyle Williams ends ups chasing Kenyan Drake. For someone once used as a nose tackle, he does a heck of a job limiting the gain by forcing the play all the way to the sideline.

Play 6

Kyle Williams had a $150,000 bonus riding on getting one more sack this season. He came close a few times. If this pass isn’t gone so quickly, this would have been it.

Play 7

The GIF covers this one nicely. The duo on the right side shut down a lot of real estate and Tremaine Edmunds cleans up.

Play 8

Williams has an initial double team and holds up well. When one blocker disengages, he leans right and makes a tackle in the pile. Subtle, but very heads up.

Play 9

Another near sack. Tannehill wisely gets rid of the ball when Kyle and Shaq Lawson (who had a great game) give him nowhere left to run.

Play 10

Never reaching the status of “core” player, it’s easy to forget that Kyle has been a mainstay on the kick-blocking team. It’s a safe bet it’s a duty he could have gotten out of a long time ago had he wished.

Play 11

This is often the result of blocking Kyle Williams with only one lineman. He’s around fairly rapidly and gets a quarterback hit.

Play 12

As a result of this play, Kyle Williams has a 100% catch rate on receiving targets to go with his 100% touchdown rate on rushing attempts. Best fullback ever? Probably.

Play 13

No analysis needed...