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2019 NFL Draft: Kansas City Chiefs loss solidifies Buffalo Bills’ selections

We know all the Bills’ draft picks now.

As the final four teams were whittled to two, two more teams learned their final slots for the 2019 NFL Draft. Since the 13-3 New Orleans Saints and 12-4 Kansas City Chiefs were eliminated this weekend, the Chiefs will be 29th and the Saints 30th.

The Buffalo Bills hold the Chiefs’ fourth round selection in 2019, a pick that was traded for linebacker Reggie Ragland. Ragland had an end zone interception of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game. Coverage is not his forte, but he made it work on that play.

We now know that Chiefs pick is the 29th pick in the fourth round. Compensatory picks are awarded beginning at the end of the third round, and since we don’t know how many there will be, we can’t know the exact draft slot number the pick will be.

Here’s an updated chart with all the Bills’ picks:

Buffalo Bills 2019 NFL Draft Picks

Round Pick Overall Notes
Round Pick Overall Notes
1 9 9 Bills original selection
2 8 40 Bills original selection
3 11 75 Bills original selection
4 10 *** Bills original selection
4 29 *** Acquired from Chiefs for Reggie Ragland
5 9 *** Bills original selection
5 20 *** Acquired from Steelers via Raiders for AJ McCarron
6 8 *** Bills original selection
7 11 *** Bills original selection
7 14 *** Acquired from Panthers as part of 2017 Kevon Seymour trade
Notes: *** Unkown until compensatory picks announced