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Colin Cowherd lists Buffalo Bills as “suckers” for trading with New England Patriots

Don’t let facts get you down, Colin.

FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd is known for his blowhard style on the radio and TV. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Herd” the former ESPN host was tackling the topic of why the New England Patriots are so good and he took aim at the Buffalo Bills, but not in the traditional “New England plays in a bad division” shot.

“Manipulate the suckers… I mean, isn’t that what New England’s done for years? You ever notice how often New England trades with Cleveland and Buffalo?” asked Cowherd of his listeners. “Ever notice that? You ever notice they don’t trade with like Philadelphia, the smart teams, very much.”

Why bother with facts, right?

Here’s the list of Buffalo’s trades with the Patriots since 2002:

  • Buffalo traded a first-round pick for Drew Bledsoe in 2002

It’s pretty exhaustive. Phew. Glad that’s over.

Ryan Talbot of put together the list of trades the Philadelphia Eagles have made with New England since 2002. There are seven of them. I guess Cowherd must think the Eagles are suckers and the Bills are one of the “smart teams.”

Sure, a bunch of former Bills are on the Patriots. Chris Hogan is Just A Guy for them in the wide receiver corps, Ramon Humber plays special teams, and Stephon Gilmore earned All-Pro honors this season after signing a massive contract a few years ago.

If anything, Buffalo fleeced the Patriots recently. After the 2016 season, New England signed restricted free agent Mike Gillislee to a deal, forfeiting a fifth-round pick to Buffalo. The Bills used the pick to draft young stud linebacker Matt Milano. Gillislee was released after one miserable season and is out of football. Suckers.