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Future stars: Who is most likely to represent the Buffalo Bills in next year’s Pro Bowl?

Sunday’s Pro Bowl marked Kyle Williams’s last game action donning a Buffalo Bills helmet. When healthy, Williams was always one of the Bills’ best chances of having a representative at the NFL’s annual All Star game.

Now that 95’s cleats are hung up, who is going to replace him as a perennial Pro Bowler?

Before I get the “The Pro Bowl doesn’t matter” crowd all fired up and pitch-forky, the Pro Bowl will always matter as long as the Pro Football Hall of Fame continues to promote annual inductees who have a wealth of Pro Bowl nods.

CB Tre’Davious White

Entering what will be his third NFL campaign, White seems like the most probable Pro Bowler. While his “splash” numbers were down from his rookie campaign (4 interceptions in 2017 down to 2 in 2018; 18 passes defensed in ‘17 to 8 in ‘18), that can in part be chocked up to opposing signal callers keeping away.

What will help White’s candidacy in 2019 is a winning season (successful teams tend to have more representation) and continued strong play opposite him at the other corner spot.

LB Tremaine Edumunds

Edumunds was arguably the Bills’ most improved player from Game 1 to Game 17. His athleticism and speed were never in question, but as the season progressed, Edmunds continued to improve. He didn’t look as lost in coverage and he started to recognize plays better, which enabled him to make big plays.

In the final four weeks of 2018, Edmunds averaged just under ten tackles a game, which included his breakout game against the Miami Dolphins in the season finale. In that game Edmunds offered a tantalizing glimpse at his all-around game: 11 solo tackles, an interception, a pass defensed, and a sack. In 2019, Edmunds may force people to include his name when mentioning the best ‘backers in the league.

LB Matt Milano

How awesome would it be for Edmunds and Milano to both make the Pro Bowl? The reason Milano is listed slightly below Edmunds here is because the broken fibula he suffered in the Bills’ loss against the New York Jets.

Before the unfortunate injury, Milano had Pro Bowl numbers. At the time of his injury he was tied for second in the NFL with six takeaways (three fumbles recovered, three interceptions). When it comes to Pro Bowls, those types of impact plays are what get the casual fan to click their name in balloting. So long as Milano recovers fully from the injury, he should be a strong contender to make his first Pro Bowl next season.

QB Josh Allen

This isn’t the place for me to talk about my personal misgivings about the Wyoming product. That’s for another day and article.

Allen is on this list simply because of the excitement and highlight-worthy plays he generates. As we all know, the Pro Bowl doesn’t always give us the best players at each position, but rather the most popular. Given his propensity to hurdle linebackers, full out dive for the end zone, and deliver 60-yard passes, Allen will give the casual fans reason to remember his name. If (and this is a big if) he can get his completion percentage into the low 60’s, he will have the numbers passing and rushing to merit consideration as the third quarterback or first alternate.

Who do you think will be the next Bills Pro Bowler? Let us know in the comments.