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Potential candidates to replace offensive line coach Juan Castillo

We look at some likely candidates to replace Juan Castillo, the newly departed offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills.

Much-maligned offensive line coach Juan Castillo was given his walking papers by Sean McDermott after a second season in which the offensive line took a lot of heat for sub-par performances. With the NFL coaching ranks often resembling a game of musical chairs, we look at possible candidates based on recent firings. Note; many of the names below are still under contract with their respective “last team” but all come from franchises that have fired head coaches or offensive coordinators.

  • Ray Brown could be looking for work after the Arizona Cardinals fired their head coach. Brown has worked with offensive lines in the NFL since 2008, when he was given his first chance by the Buffalo Bills. Brown is a former lineman himself, playing in an impressive 20 seasons. At age 43, Brown was still starting for Washington. Brown coached for the Carolina Panthers from 2011 to 2017. This covers the entire time Sean McDermott was on the Panthers and is one of only two names directly tied to McDermott.
  • Chris Morgan, offensive line/run game could be leaving Atlanta with the Falcons firing their offensive coordinator. Morgan comes with solid experience in the NFL, working with linemen since 2009 (Raiders, Washington, Seahawks and Falcons).
  • Offensive line assistant Kyle Flood has two years with the Atlanta Falcons and various colleges for 22 more years.
  • Cincinnati Bengals offensive quality control coach/line Robert Couch has three years with the Bengals and could be available with the firing of Marvin Lewis.
  • Frank Pollack, the offensive line coach, also potentially out of Cincinnati, has more experience than Couch, with offensive line work going back to 2010. It could be argued he was highly successful with the Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, and Dallas Cowboys.
  • Marc Hutson would come via the Cleveland Browns as their o-line assistant. He spent three years in Cleveland where he most recently helped...
  • Bob Wylie, offensive line coach. Wylie became famous this last season for non-football reasons, but has coached some solid offensive lines in the past. He has been coaching in some capacity since 1980. Coaches for the Browns will likely be available with Hue Jackson gone and Gregg Williams looking like an unlikely replacement.
  • The Bills could attempt to find an up-and-comer like Marc Colombo. A former player, Colombo isn’t too far removed from suiting up. His coaching experience consists of this season for the Cowboys. He was added as an assistant o-line coach before the season and promoted to o-line coach mid-season. With the Cowboys in the market for a new offensive coordinator, assistant coaches could be up for grabs.
  • Vance Joseph’s departure in Denver puts their coaches on the market potentially. Sean Kugler and Chris Strausser shared o-line duties. Kugler has more experience, coaching in the NFL for 12 years, including with Buffalo from 2007-09. Strausser began coaching in 2017.
  • Jeff Davidson has a sweet first name and could be looking for a job with the Detroit Lions firing offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter. Davidson has 15 years coaching experience on the line and as an offensive coordinator. Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll worked with Cooter in 2012 for the Kansas City Chiefs, so there is at least a partial connection.
  • Davidson’s assistant could also be in the mix. Hank Fraley played for eleven years and has been coaching since 2014.
  • James Campen is a former Green Bay Packers lineman. He returned to Green Bay where he has coached for 15 years, holding the position of offensive line coach for eleven seasons, but if Mike McCarthy gets a gig, you would think he would end up with his former head coach.
  • Jeff Blasko has been Campen’s assistant for the last two years.
  • Offensive coaching turmoil in Jacksonville could lead to Pat Flaherty looking for a new team. Flaherty has coached offensive lines since 2004 (New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars).
  • Another name in Jacksonville that could be had is former Bills TE coach Tony Sparano, Jr. He was on the 2011 Miami Dolphins staff with Brian Daboll as OC with the elder Tony Sparano.
  • Miami’s decision to fire head coach Adam Gase has the rest of the coaches penciled in at best. The Bills could look to poach Jeremiah Washburn, who has coached offensive line since 2009.
  • Washburn is assisted by Chris Kuper. He has been in his current position for two years. Kuper is another former player, wearing orange and blue with the Denver Broncos from 2006-13.
  • Clancy Barone could leave the Minnesota Vikings with the team “going in another direction” from their offensive coordinator. Barone has been coaching since 1987 and would be considered one of the more veteran hires.
  • Also out of Minnesota, Andrew Janocko could be in play. Janocko has six years experience with offense and offensive lines.
  • George Warhop of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be an enticing candidate. The team’s dismissal of Dirk Koetter could lead to Warhop hitting the market. Warhop has coached offensive line since 1996, seeing time with the Rams, Cardinals, Cowboys, 49ers, Browns and Buccaneers. He coached on the same Bucs staff as Leslie Frazier.
  • From the college ranks, Brent Key was Brian Daboll’s o-line coach with the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2017 and is an up-and-comer with experience before that at the University of Central Florida.
  • Jack Bicknell, Jr. is the offensive line coach for Ole Miss, but in 2012, he was the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive line coach under coordinator Brian Daboll. He was with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dolphins before taking the college job.
  • The New York Jets have fired head coach Todd Bowles leaving the assistant coaches up in the air for now. David Diaz-Infante is a former player and has three years as an offensive line assistant.
  • Also from the Jets, offensive line coach and run game coordinator Rick Dennison is likely there for the taking. Dennison has been a coach since 1995 with several stints with the offensive line. Dennison actually was the offensive coordinator for the Bills for a year. I don’t remember why he left or who fired him, but maybe he’d like to return. He seems like a guy Sean McDermott might want to work with.