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Potential candidates to replace fired Bills WRs coach Terry Robiskie

The Buffalo Bills will need a new wide receivers coach after separating with Terry Robiskie. Here’s a list of names.

With the Buffalo Bills evaluating staff this week, wide receivers coach Terry Robiskie has been let go, per reports. To help with all of the fan prognostications, Buffalo Rumblings has a list of potential coaching candidates to fill the shoes vacated by Robiskie.

Potential coaches run the gamut of up-and-comers to venerable football sages and everything in between. Some might need to be poached (especially those listed as being in the college ranks). Where available, direct connections to Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott or offensive coordinator Brian Daboll are listed. Here you go Rumblers, feel free to debate or add additional candidates in the comments.

Wide Receiver Coaching Candidates

Candidate Team Position Connections Experience
Candidate Team Position Connections Experience
Bob Saunders Cleveland WRs/QC None Mostly assistant positions. Coaching since 2002
Kevin Garver Arizona WRs None One year WRs coach, one year assistant
Dave Brock Atlanta WRs None One yearr WR coach, One year ass. Former head coach University of Delaware. OC and QB coach with Rutgers
Bob Bicknell Cincinnatti WRs None Twelve years exp with WRs/TEs, including stop in Buffalo. Scott Chandler tied record for most TDs by TE with six under Bicknell
Adam Henry Cleveland WRs None WRs coach with multiple teams since 2007
Sanjay Lal Dallas WRs Let go when McD came to town WRs coach with multiple teams since 2009 including Raiders, NYJ and Buffalo (with Rex Ryan), Colts, Cowboys
Zach Azzani Denver WRs None Two years WR coach (Bears and Broncos)
Robert Prince Detroit WRs None 29 years between college and NFL. Mostly WRs
David Raih Green Bay WRs None One year WRs coach. Four years as assistant before
Ben Johnson Miami WRs None Many assistant roles with Dolphins. One year WR coach
Darrell Hazell Minnesota WRs None 32 years exp, mostly in college. Two years as Vikings' WR coach
Karl Dorrell NYJ WRs Coached with Daboll in Miami in 2011 as QB coach 19 years coaching in college and NFL. Twelce in NFL as WRs coach
Skyler Fulton Tampa Bay WRs None One year as WR coach
George McDonald NC State WRs 2009 and 10 with Daboll in Cleveland Exp as WR coach
Kyle Valero Dallas WR assistant None Assistant positions for eight years in NFL
Raheem Morris Atlanta WR/Passing/HC asst None Three years as WR coach
Noel Mazzone Arizona (college) WR/QB 2007- 08 with Daboll in NY J Exp with WRs and QBs
Keenan McCardell Jacksonville WRs None 17 year NFL vet with five teams. 11,373 yards and 63 TDs. 13th in League history with 883 catches. Coaching since 2011. Two years with Washington, two with Jags, two in college
Shawn Jefferson Miami WRs None Former WR coach (2016 with Dolphins, 2013-15 with Titans, Lions from 2008-2012). Thirteen year NFL player at WR.
Ricky Proehl N/A WRs 2013-16 Panthers WR exp mostly
Fred Graves Chargers WRs 11 and 12 with Panthers Extensive WR exp including three years with Bills (2001-2003)
Todd Monken Tampa Bay OC None Coaching since 1989. Seven in NFL, mostly as WRs coach
Jim Hostler Green Bay Passing game coord. None Eighteen NFL seasons, mostly on offense with receivers and TEs. Bills in 2014 as Senior Offensive Assistant. Sammy Watkins set rookie season records for receptions and yards. First time in team history with three players (Freddy, Woods and Sammy) with at least 50 catches.
Al Saunders Cleveland Offensive assistant None Extensive WR exp including coaching with "Greatest Show on Turf" receivers and "Air Coryell" group. NFL offensive coach of year in 2005 and ESPN's "No 1 OC in the past 25 years." More than 40 years exp. Former HC with Chargers
David Culley Buffalo QB Currently in Buffalo with McDermott and Daboll Culley has been questioned as the QB coach due to more experience with WRs. Could be asked to convert to WRs coach

Many of the names above are currently under contract with the listed NFL teams. The indicated teams have all undergone significant coaching changes, most of which are head coaches or offensive coordinators that have been let go. As a result of this instability it is highly likely the listed candidates could be available, if desired.