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Buffalo Bills lost all seven games played against 2018 playoff teams

The Bills played nearly half their schedule against teams that qualified for the tournament

The Buffalo Bills played seven games against teams that qualified for the NFL playoffs in 2018. In every game, the Bills came out with a loss.

Buffalo played half of the playoff field for the season, as one of the teams (the New England Patriots) was a team Buffalo played twice. Buffalo played nearly the entire AFC playoff field, losing games against the Patriots, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans, and the Indianapolis Colts during the regular season. The only AFC playoff team that the Bills didn’t play was the Kansas City Chiefs.

Buffalo played one playoff team from the NFC, the Chicago Bears, and that didn’t go well, either. The Bills lost that game 41-9, making it the second-worst defeat of the season. The worst defeat came in the season opener, a 47-3 shellacking at the hands of the Ravens.

The Bills allowed 225 points in those seven games, an average of 32.1 points per game. For the season, Buffalo allowed 374 points, or 23.4 points per game. The Bills scored 68 points in those games, an average of only 9.7 points per game. For the season, Buffalo scored 269 points, or 16.8 points per game. So they were outscored 32.1 to 9.7 against playoff teams. Yikes.

In 2017, Buffalo played six games against playoff teams; they lost four of those contests (both games against New England, and once each to the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers), but they pulled out victories against the Atlanta Falcons and the Chiefs. If the Bills wish to return to the playoffs in 2019, they’ll need to play better against the league’s top competition.