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As Buffalo Bills quarterbacks go, so goes fan confidence during 2018

Bills fans end the year pretty confidently.

Buffalo Bills fans are cautiously optimistic heading into the off-season, according to the final round of voting in our FanPulse series. After their Week 17 win over the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo finished out the season above 70%.

Bills’ fans are 71% confident the team is on the right track, the highest number since Buffalo blew out the Minnesota Vikings to move back to 1-2. That week they were at 73%, but a 22-0 shutout by the Green Bay Packers shut the door on Bills fans thinking it could be a playoff year, even though the team was just 1-3.

Joel Thorman at SB Nation wrote about the award in his year-end recap of all the fan confidence voting, which you can check out here.

The Hope For Next Year Award

Like Giants fans, Bills fans have some hope for next season with a 4-3 finish to the season. They have some Josh Allen believers over at Buffalo Rumblings.

Buffalo fell to 21% confident after being demolished by the Chicago Bears, but that was the lowest point of their season and the final straw for quarterback Nathan Peterman. The next week, Matt Barkley walloped the New York Jets, and Josh Allen returned after the bye.

Really, this metric is almost entirely about the quarterback position. Big falls when Nathan Peterman played poorly and when Josh Allen was hurt, and big spikes when Allen played well. His best game was Week 17 and you see that reflected in the numbers.