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Buffalo Bills send survey to fans regarding stadium needs

The Buffalo Bills sent select fans a survey today asking them their thoughts on plans for a renovated or new stadium

Many fans of the Buffalo Bills were greeted by an interesting email today. In their inbox, direct from One Bills Drive, was a survey asking about stadium preferences. The somewhat lengthy survey covers a range of topics about the stadium and game day experience.

Many survey questions attempt to delineate between a preference for a new stadium or a renovation. The introduction embedded in the email indicates that the Buffalo Bills have retained CAA ICON with an intent to pursue both angles. Questions range from geography of a potential new stadium to fan commitment should the Bills stay put or move elsewhere.

Enhancing the game-day experience is a secondary focus of the survey with questions about the importance of concessions, accessibility, features, and overall comfort. With the survey often reaching into the minutiae, fans can weigh in on important details ranging from cell service and seat comfort to broader concourses and retractable roofs. The possible introduction of loge boxes is an interesting new possibility among a few placed in the survey questions. Standing room only sections and all-inclusive lounge-like areas also make an appearance.

Sprinkled into the survey are demographic questions in what appears to be an attempt to gauge fan support across the region. Location data by zip code pairs with personal attendance rate. Season ticket holder? Attend a couple games? Never go? A few items geared at prices and likelihood of purchasing tickets in suites are aimed at the all-important fiscal consideration. The survey outright asks the question “would you pay ____ for option ____” at several points.

Overall the survey comes across as straightforward in its intent. Simply put, what will fans of the Buffalo Bills support when it comes to their stadium. Fans looking to take the survey can head here.