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How have the Buffalo Bills fared by quarter in 2019?

The Bills have blanked their foes during the second quarter while being slow to get out of the gate in the third.

During their 4-1 start to the 2019 NFL season, the Buffalo Bills have outscored their competition by a 90-70 margin.

Buffalo’s +20 point differential ranks 12th in the 32-team NFL, with the New England Patriots (5-0) leading the way with a +121 point differential, followed by the San Francisco 49ers (4-0) at +70.

The Miami Dolphins (0-4) have the worst scoring differential in the league at -137, followed by the Washington Redskins (0-4) with a -78 scoring differential.

Taking a closer look at the scoring statistics, the Bills have been the best team in the league in point differential in the second quarter, having outscored their opponents by a 30-0 margin. The Patriots (32-3) are second in second-quarter scoring differential, with the Bills being the only team to score on New England in the second quarter.

Among the interesting tidbits:

  • Buffalo is the only team in the league that has not allowed a second-quarter point, while the Bills have scored in the second quarter in four of their five games.
  • The Bills highest-scoring quarter is the fourth, when the team has outscored its foes 35-17. Buffalo has scored in the fourth quarter in four of five games, with the Week 4 16-10 setback vs. New England the only time Buffalo hasn’t scored in the final quarter (neither team scored in the fourth in that game).
  • Buffalo’s second-best scoring session is the second quarter (30), followed by the first (15) and third (10) quarters.
  • The Bills have struggled scoring in the first and third quarters, being outscored 26-15 in the opening quarter, and 27-10 coming out of halftime. Those are also the quarters where the Bills have allowed the most points to their opponents.
  • Buffalo’s foes have scored in three of five first quarters while being blanked in all five second quarters. Four of the Bills’ five opponents have scored in the third quarter, while only two teams—the New York Giants in Week 2 and the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 4—have scored in the final quarter.

Following a Week 6 bye, the Bills return to action at 1 p.m. Eastern Oct. 20 when the winless Dolphins (outscored 163-26) come to New Era Field in Week 7.