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Mafia Mavens: Bills Twitter Wars and Negative Nancies

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Having a 4-1 record heading into the bye week to rest and recover sounds fairly ideal, doesn’t it? Well, not for some Buffalo Bills fans. On this episode, Danyel and Robyn read and respond to some of the more outrageous tweets concerning the Bills around the Twitterverse. They even include a few from a Cleveland Browns fan who loves Josh Allen.

Next, the ladies give their obligatory Josh Allen report, gush over the Bills’ elite defense and have a good laugh about the Twitter war between Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson and Tennessee Titans OT Taylor Lewan.

They wrap up the episode answering a question from Twitter and announce the winner of their weekly giveaway. This week’s giveaway is a signed 8x10 of Shaq Lawson, courtesy of Jim Reuther. To enter, follow @TheMafiaMavens on Twitter and read the rules in their pinned tweet. Good luck!

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