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Buffalo Bills fans reach new heights of confidence entering bye week

Bills fans are pumped

Buffalo Bills fans have seen this story before. A hot start followed by bitter disappointment. So you’d understand if they were cautiously optimistic heading into the team’s Week 6 bye. According to our Fanpulse polling, while individuals might be a little leery, as a whole they are pretty darn confident.

Our polling indicate 91% of Bills fans are confident in the team’s direction following the win over the Tennessee Titans. That’s the highest level ever recorded by our polling.

Heading into the 2018 season, Bills fans were pretty confident but a shellacking by the Baltimore Ravens intercepted the sentiment. That was the previous high of 89% confidence.

Bills fans are the fourth-highest in the NFL rankings following San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, and Indianapolis Colts fans all tied at 96%. The New England Patriots fans are tied with Buffalo at 91%.

Kansas City Chiefs fans’ confidence plummeted from the top 5 following their loss to the Colts, from 94% to just 55%. The injury to Patrick Mahomes may have something to do with it. The Detroit Lions also moved from the top echelon, from 91% to 87%.