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Buffalo Bills’ secondary ticket market exploding

It’s gonna cost some cash.

If you’re planning on attending a Buffalo Bills game, be prepared to shell out more money than normal on the secondary ticket market. As the team’s record has improved, ticket prices have skyrocketed among re-sellers.

According to TicketIQ, Bills tickets have increased at a rate higher than any in the NFL during the team’s fast start.

This doesn’t just include games in Orchard Park, either. Tickets for the game in Nashville against the Tennessee Titans increased rapidly over the last month.

We know the Bills enjoy a home-field advantage at New Era Field, but that’s partially because of how many tickets are sold on the primary market before even reaching the secondary market. Just five teams sold out all of their inventory. The Bills are among the two clubs in the next level with very limited availability, according to TicketIQ. A big chunk of those available tickets are for the December 29th game against the New York Jets.

Gone are the weeks when despondent Bills fans offered tickets for as little as $10 on re-selling sites. Everyone is excited again.