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Buffalo Bills have the second-most confident fans in the entire NFL this week

Wow. Bills fans are super-confident

Buffalo Bills fans are usually cautiously optimistic, and we tend to think they still are despite the team’s 4-1 record but, as a collective, it appears they are pretty darn confident heading into their Week 7 game against the Miami Dolphins.

A total of 91% of Bills fans are confident with the direction of the team. That’s the highest total we’ve ever measured (for the second-straight week) and the second-highest total in the NFL right now. Only San Francisco 49ers fans are more confident at 99%.

Tied with Buffalo at 91% are fans of the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Even New England Patriots fans, a team coming off a win and undefeated, are only at 89%—down two percentage points from last week.

Around the AFC East, New York Jets fans rebounded after Sam Darnold returned to lead them to their first victory and Miami Dolphins fans are giving the team the benefit of the doubt in the rebuild. They are at 46% and 52%, respectively.