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Miami Dolphins defensive back Bobby McCain reportedly spit on Buffalo Bills fan

Following the Dolphins’ loss to the Bills on Sunday, safety Bobby McCain reportedly spit on fan of Buffalo Bills

The rivalry between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins hasn’t always been a polite one for players or fans. Bryan Cox’s bird-flipping antics still get some fans riled up. Despite that storied history, defensive back Bobby McCain brought new lows to fan interaction as he reportedly spit on a Buffalo Bills fan after the Dolphins loss this Sunday.

That Bills fan, identified as Dylan Wentland, spoke to The Buffalo News, who first broke the story. It was reported that a 13-year old fan had heckled McCain prior to the game, calling the Dolphins “irrelevant.”

Wentland indicated that McCain had threatened to spit on the child and pantomimed doing so prior to the game. Wentland confronted McCain stating “Dude, what’s wrong with you? What kind of role model are you for the kid?”

Following the loss, Wentland claims that McCain sought him out then “...literally wound up, hocked and just spit right in my face while I’m standing there.” Wentland reports he had not attempted to restart the confrontation that began prior to the game. Fans in Wentland’s section, including the child’s father corroborate Wentland’s story as does video evidence of both the pre- and post-game confrontations.

McCain has since stated “I regret the incident that happened with me and the fan yesterday after the game.” McCain added “I wish I would’ve handled myself better.”

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has reported that the team will discipline McCain internally, though further action may be pending. The incident was partially investigated by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. It is expected that the Sheriff’s office will work with the Buffalo Bills and the NFL to investigate and follow up on the incident.