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Nick & Nolan: how to react to the Miami game w/ a secret guest

How are we supposed to feel?

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In this episode of “The Nick & Nolan Show” Bruce flies solo once again...or does he? A secret guest joins Bruce who wasn’t a Buffalo Bills fan the last time they were 5-1 and offers a different look at it. Bruce takes on the “a win is a win” cliche in this shortened pod and gets all of his inner nerd going with the sound bites. Do all wins matter equally? What about the cherished “process” of this regime?

Did someone leave Bruce a review in the form of a rap? What about old (Olde?) English? Will he be able to make it to 40 minutes sans Nick without a collapse of epic proportions? Let’s find out if there will be a show next week!

Included in this episode: yelling, Harry Potter, logical fallacies, suggestive content, Star Wars, and why wins aren’t a quarterback stat.

Come for the knowledge, stay for the sound bites.

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