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Mafia Mavens: The girls are grumpy but the Bills are good

Podcasters can be grumpy.

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300. It may seem like just a number but to some Buffalo Bills fans, it’s everything. Robyn and Danyel were a bit grumpy in this episode as they try to explain to fans that it doesn’t mean anything that Josh Allen hasn’t thrown for 300 yards yet. All of the 2018 quarterbacks are struggling in their own way and need time and patience.

What’s wrong with Josh Allen’s deep ball? The girls take a walk down that path and explore the possible mental aspects behind Allen overthrowing on long passes. They then discuss what went wrong with the defense on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, which also happens to be part psychological.

Robyn traveled from Wyoming to be at the game in Buffalo and she talks about her experience at the stadium, from the atmosphere to the fans booing and Josh Allen throwing the ball to the top of the stands.

They wrap it up announcing the winner of last week’s giveaway. This week, an 8x10 signed picture of Fred Jackson running in the snow is up for grabs courtesy of Jim Reuther. Make sure to follow @TheMafiaMavens on Twitter for more details.

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