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Josh Allen fined for touchdown celebration in Buffalo Bills win over Miami Dolphins

Throwing footballs out of stadiums = against the rules.

Josh Allen’s arm strength is said to be so powerful that he could throw a football out of the stadium. Following a touchdown in last week’s win over the Miami Dolphins, Allen tested that theory, heaving a football into the 200’s of New Era Field. The NFL decided that was impermissible, and Allen has been fined $7,017 by the league for his egregious action.

It’s the first fine in Allen’s career, and the first fine handed down to the team since Cody Ford and Dawson Knox both had their pay docked during Buffalo’s win against the New York Giants.

Allen may have been disappointed that his throw didn’t travel further, or maybe he held back on his attempt. If his plan was to make a second attempt at showing off that arm, the fine will probably dissuade that choice. Or maybe it won’t, since he’s making $1.4 million this year and already banked a $13 million signing bonus at the start of his career.