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2019 NFL Trade Deadline: Buffalo Bills targets include defensive tackle, wide receiver

Here are some quick scouting reports

The Buffalo Bills are 5-2 and are potentially one or two players away from making a deep run into the playoffs. Bills’ general manager Brandon Beane has shown a propensity to make moves and has made deals at the trade deadline in the past.

Over the next two days, we’ll be covering the possibilities. Here are some quick scouting reports of players that could be targets of Buffalo.

Wide Receiver

It’s a long list but there are a ton of reasons why Buffalo wouldn’t want these guys and why the original team wouldn’t trade them.

A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals
It would be surprising for the Bengals to ship out Green when he has been a franchise stalwart and at 31, how much longer is he going to play? He’s not under contract past this season.

Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers
Allen is under contract through 2020, which would make him enticing for Brandon Beane just like Kelvin Benjamin two years ago. The Chargers won this week and could be holding out to make another run with Phillip Rivers, though, in a damaged AFC West.

Mike Evans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Evans has a huge contract and multiple years left on his deal but with the Bucs in rebuild mode, maybe they want a high draft pick or two. The coaching staff that signed him to that massive deal isn’t around anymore, so maybe he wants out. Tampa Bay is right up against the cap and could use the relief.

Taylor Gabriel, Chicago Bears
With the emergence of Allen Robinson in Chicago, Gabriel could be on the trade block. He’s tied for fourth on the team in targets. They need o-line help, so a player-for-player could make sense with the depth Buffalo has in Spencer Long. He’s 28 and has multiple years left on a rich contract.

Robby Anderson, New York Jets
DeVante Parker, Miami Dolphins
Two guys definitely on the block but intra-division trades are not commonplace. It would be intriguing to add either to Buffalo’s roster. Parker still has a year left on his deal whereas Anderson is a free agent after 2019.

Defensive Tackle

A position Buffalo needs to address for 2019 and beyond, defensive tackle could mean a big splash or a depth upgrade. With Harrison Phillips hurt, the group has been exposed. Jordan Phillips is a free agent at the end of the year, too, so they’ll need to address it going forward.

Geno Atkins, Cincinnati Bengals
A big swing but a team that Buffalo has traded with in the past and is going downhill quickly. Buffalo can absorb the big cap hits over the remaining years of his deal and instantly upgrade their rotation.

Andrew Billings, Cincinnati Bengals
An expiring contract, Billings is a former fourth-round pick who could play Buffalo’s space-eating defensive tackle position vacated by Harrison Phillips. He’s also a guy you could look to sign long-term and might not cost that much. He makes a ton of sense for the Bengals to jettison as they rebuild.

Defensive End

Von Miller, Denver Broncos
Why not? His salary is only $17.5 million each season over the next three years and if he’s traded to Buffalo, the Bills wouldn’t be on the hook for any dead money and could cut him at any time. He’s 30 and wouldn’t solve Buffalo’s long-term need at DE, but as the lead part of the rotation alongside Jerry Hughes, it could make for a nasty pass rush.

Defensive Line

Derek Wolfe, Denver Broncos
Not exactly the run-stuffer they need at DT or the pass rusher they need at DE, Wolfe could be a cheaper option in terms of salary and picks and upgrade both positions. He’s a defensive end in Denver’s scheme, but could also be plugged in as a defensive tackle in certain situations. His contract expires at the end of the year and he’s about to turn 30.

Allen Bailey, Atlanta Falcons
Another player who could slip between both positions, Bailey had six sacks last year with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills would also receive the option of keeping him in 2020 as he’s under contract for just over $4 million.

If you’re asking me, I’m looking at two names on this list: Gabriel and Billings. They could provide reinforcements in the short term and Gabriel is under contract beyond 2019. Billings could be a guy you re-sign or you can just roll with Phillips when he returns from injury.

What other players should we have included? Who do you think Buffalo should target?