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2019 NFL Trade Deadline: Buffalo Bills make no moves

Standing pat.

The Buffalo Bills have made no moves at the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline. With that, we will look to the rest of the season with waiver wire additions, practice squad call ups, and free agent signings.

There had been some smoke around the Bills possibly adding a wide receiver and potentially a running back, defensive tackle, or defensive end prior to the deadline, but that never materialized.

What did happen was a whole lot of nothing. No huge moves were made today and only one trade was completed sending Aquib Talib to the Miami Dolphins with the Los Angeles Rams receiving salary cap relief and a future seventh-round pick.

On Monday, the Jets traded former Pro Bowl DT Leonard Williams to the New York Giants for a 3rd and conditional 5th-round pick while the Philadelphia Eagles traded for OLB Genard Avery to the Cleveland Browns for a 2021 fourth-round pick.