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Josh Allen, Patrick DiMarco, Dean Marlowe clear Buffalo Bills’ concussion protocol

The Bills will have their QB Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills will have their starting quarterback on Sunday as Josh Allen was among three players to clear concussion protocol on Saturday. Allen is joined by safety Dean Marlowe and fullback Patrick DiMarco on the healthy side of the ledger.

Allen was injured on Sunday, scrambling on 3rd and 8. He got six yards and lowered his head trying to get to the sticks against the New England Patriots. He was knocked out but sprang up and in days gone by would have been back in the game. He had been trending toward playing all week and was the first QB through the drills that media were allowed to see.

Marlowe was also injured late against the Patriots and had been trending toward clearing the protocol all week.

DiMarco was later to the party, and his first missed practice was Wednesday after the presumable self-reported symptoms on Tuesday or Wednesday. He quickly moved through the protocol to get back on the field.

Having three key players on the field Sunday will be important in a more-important-than-you-might-think early AFC contest.